Johann F. Ulrich

Johann Ulrich was destined to be an artist. Born in 1938 in the lovely little town of Weinfelden, Switzerland, he was barley out of diapers when the need to find a creative outlet took hold, inspiring him to paint and draw all over his parent's floors, cabinets, and walls.

Expressive as a child, but uninterested in the black and white confines of mathematics, except for Einstein's theory of relativity, which fascinated him, Johann spent time drawing in his notebooks, expressing his thoughts in caricatures of his teachers. One insightful teacher recognized his likeness, and thus the talents of his pupil and appealed to Johann's father to send him to art school. With their support and encouragement, Johann was soon enrolled at the renowned Art School St. Gallen, a Swiss State Arts and Applied Arts School for photography, graphic arts, and fashion design. The creative environment ignited his imagination and Johann excelled in all fields of study.

After graduation, his considerable talents in a broad range of roles including graphic artist, illustrator, fashion photographer, cartoonist, designer, and painter, led him to work for several of the greatest ad agencies in Europe and eventually founding his own agency. After 25 years in the ad business, Johann was stifled creatively and frustrated by the ever-increasing emphasis on making money. Preferring to return to the creation of art for the sake of beauty, inspiration, and intellectual satisfaction, Johann left his agency to his partner and departed for Senegal where he began experimenting with a new medium, sand painting.

His time spent in Africa rekindled his love of making art and also stimulated his interest in researching the origin of man and to better explore the theories of evolution. Soon, he was traveling throughout Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Haiti, and Hawaii creating fascinating works of art and feeding his hunger for knowledge about history and cultures.

Today, Johann is truly a footloose citizen of the world, spending most of his time between Europe, Hawaii, and California. Preferring to live unencumbered, he doesn't believe in owning possessions like a house or a car. Instead, he views the whole world as his home and paints wherever he hangs his hat. Exhibitions have been held in galleries in Switzerland, France, Germany, and, most recently, California.

Presently, Johann is committed to doing his part to counter the loss of individual creativity in our personal and professional lives. Believing that people who possess a stimulated sense of creative intelligence are less violent, more understanding, and more flexible in dealing with life's challenges, Johann is working to educate business leaders, teachers, and parents about the importance of supporting creative development in our schools and businesses. One way he achieves this is by organizing creative workshops. Playful and fun, they encourage participants to find new talents or rediscover dormant ones. These classes truly teach the art of self-expression and that is one of the many lasting masterpieces that Johann Ulrich has given society.